Arsenal Case Study

Case Study for Firearm Owners:

We Help Firearm Enthusiasts To Buy, Restore, Protect & Customize Their Weapons By Providing Elite Firearm Protective Coatings with Hydrographic Services 

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We put the below table together to provide you with an oveerview of the differences between traditional and new age style of protective coatings. All these protective coatings are specific to restoring, protecting and customizing your weapons within your aresenal. 

Bluing and Parkerizing have been around since World War II and are being replaced by spray (air dry or bake-on) protective coatings like Duracoat, Cerakote, Brownells and others.


We, here at Liquid Customs, Inc, specialize in providing, new ways to add high tech spray-on protective coatings to any weapon in your aresenal! The below table identifies the major differences between traditional and new style of protective coatings for firearms. 

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During our meeting, we will discuss the current situation for the weapon(s) that you are trying to restore, protect and customize; kick around tons of ideas and lay out an action plan for moving forward with getting it done! 

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